Freestyle Yoga & Yoga Therapy
22 Strawberry Street
Cape Charles,VA 23310

 Freestyle Yoga  & Yoga Therapy 

22 Strawberry Street, Cape Charles, VA 23310

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~Flow Classes~

All classes offer a well-balanced, eclectic blend of various styles of yoga, the classes  move dynamically with constant attention to breath. You will develop Balance, strength and Flexibility.  Slow Flow is a flow style practice with long holding postures.  Vinyasa (Athletic Yoga) moves along in a faster pace and offers more challenging variations of postures.  Gentle Stretch Yoga is a great way to begin a practice!


       ~Restorative Yoga~        

Designed to restore and renew the

 body. Learn to rejuvenate in this class with passive yoga postures.  A perfect compliment to a challenging yoga practice and active lifestyle. This class is appropriate for all levels of experience and a nice option for those looking for a prenatal style class.


~ Breathing Practice ~

 Yoga breathing, which is known as pranayama, is the first step toward re-orienting and improving the functioning of your body by learning to optimize the breathing process.  All classes incorporate breathing techniques to maximize our full lung capacity.

          Freestyle Yoga & Yoga Therapy

22 Strawberry Street 

Cape Charles, VA 23310


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