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Slow Flow/Vinyasa

both classes offer a well-balanced, eclectic blend of various styles of yoga, the classes  move dynamically with constant attention to breath.   you will develop Balance, strength and Flexibility.  Slow flow is a slower paced class appropriate for all levels. Vinyasa moves along in a faster pace and offers more challenging variations of postures.  Gentle Stretch Yoga is a great way to begin a practice!


 1 month Unlimited

 $95.00 (30 day expiration)

10 class card

$100.00 (8 week expiration)

4 classes

 $50.00 (6 week expiration)

 Drop-in class


cash or check accepted

Private sessions are available

by appointment

$75.00 individual

$45.00 each semi private

75 minutes

It is not necessary to preregister for classes. If you are a new student please arrive about 10 minutes early. You may want to bring a bottle of water for after practice.  Mats and all other props are provided. Please inform the teacher about any injuries or limitations before attending classes. 

 contact Debra with further questions or concerns at

757-607-7172 or

Restorative Yoga

Designed to restore and renew the

 body, Learn to Rejuvenate in this class with passive yoga postures.  A perfect compliment to a challenging yoga practice and active lifestyle. This class is appropriate for all levels of experience and a nice option for those looking for a prenatal style class.


September/October 2017


4:00pm Gentle Stretch



8:45am Slow Flow    


8:45AM restorative
4;00pm yoga basics
7:30pm yoga for men
8:45am Slow Flow
4:00PM Vinyasa/yin
8;45am Slow Flow/restorative
9:00am Community class
( Donation Based)

Breathing Practice

 Yoga breathing, which is known as pranayama, is the first step toward re-orienting and improving the functioning of your body by learning to optimize the breathing process.

Meditative Postures is a class in which we incorporate deep breathing techniques in the postures.


             Freestyle Yoga  

22 Strawberry Street 

Cape Charles, VA 23310